West Wind Woodwork 1980 - West Wind Hardwood

Back in the foggiest of times, West Wind Hardwood started as West Wind Woodwork.  WWW hit the big times with rented commercial premises for their manufacturing and custom woodwork business in 1980.  It was no longer a backyard operation.  We had big bills to pay and sales to make.

Jan Nielsen – Circa 1980, West Wind Woodwork

These were brave days and we reached out to the Federal Business Development Bank (FBDB) for counselling services.  Truly a family business, we felt the focus was needed for the manufactured marine wood products.  We wanted to expand distributorship across Canada……………and we did.  Here’s a selection from that report.  Certainly, a blast from a very distant past when reports were hand-typed on a typewriter; at best a Vintage IBM Selectric; correctable cartridges had yet to reach us.

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