Feasting in Fashion: Joe Beef - West Wind Hardwood

“Old Montreal restaurant classics in the heart of Little Burgundy; an homage to Charles “Joe-Beef” McKiernan, 19th-century innkeeper and Montreal working-class hero. Just a drunken crawl away from the Historic Atwater market…best not to don’t ask  J  The wait staff are convivial, casually familiar and tattooed…………but who isn’t these days in the culinary industry.  The chalkboard menu was entirely in French and well-beyond my high school textbooks and the milk carton.  Thankfully the staff had an impressive well of knowledge and professionalism as well as patience with us Anglophones.  Fois Gras was King! 

All in all, Joe Beef is intimate, comfortable and welcoming.

Black Walnut Paddle Server – Presented to Joe Beef Restaurant and Staff

And even more exceptional was the follow-up thank you we received.  We’ve found that manners do not prevail in the restaurant world but here is the first-class old-world charm.

From: Ludovic Beauchamp-Chatel
Sent: Saturday, February 3, 2018 8:29 AM
Subject: Cutting board – Ludo from Joe beef

Dear Jan and Shelley,

Thank you so much for the beautiful board you sent me! I will cherish it! If ever I need to get any wooden items, I’ll think of you.

Thanks again!
Have a wonderful day
Kind regards

Ludovic Beauchamp Chatel

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