In Memory of Noel Otten - West Wind Hardwood

A very dear and longtime customer of West Wind Hardwood lost his long battle with cancer.  Farewell Noel Otten. 

Noel was an aficionado of tiger moths in South African which is a hotbed for tiger moth enthusiasts; both the climate and the leftovers of WWII fueled this trend.  He kindly contributed to our e-Newsletter and volunteered his friend, Gavin Michal who also made contributions.

Read Tiger Moths and Sea Eagles Part I and II.

Prayers and condolences to his wife, Val and the family.

Sore with the Angels, Noel.

May 25 – as posted by Noel’s wife, Val

What a wonderful celebration of Noel’s life at the airfield today. Thank you to all our family, friends and pilots who came to help celebrate with us. A big thank you especially to Mike and Alan for organizing the day and to those pilots who took part in the fly by, and with a wonderful aerobatic performance in the Pitts Special. So very special.

The “Missing Man” Flight

This formation is done when a pilot has been downed or as a tribute to fallen pilots. In Noel’s case, the latter.

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