The Historic Thayer Hotel - West Wind Hardwood

MacArthur’s Riverview Restaurant

This historic West Point Hotel has been a national treasure since 1926; seated on a hilltop in Upstate West Point, NY with commanding views of the Hudson River and the United States Military Academy.  Tradition meets modern elegance and comfort.

The renowned MacArthur’s Riverview Restaurant, with its Gothic windows and old work charm, sets the state for a truly unique dining experience. 

As well, General Patton’s Tavern overlooks the Hudson River, offering a scenic backdrop for your favourite beverages and light meals.  This is the ideal spot to unwind with family and friends. We were pleased when the hotel reached out to us looking for 75 steak boards.  We provided them with ‘handled’ steak servers with their logo.  This was another opportunity to participate in a time-honoured tradition.

Atmosphere ~~ History ~~ Flavours ~~ Friendship

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