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They do an excellent job of highlighting the natural grain features of wood.

Carl on the general use of hard wax oil.

Carl had the opportunity to test out Oli-Natura Hard wax oil and see how it fared against other brands, Rudio, Osmo, and Saicos. Here’s a quick snippet but we encourage you to check out the full article if you are wavering in the face of trying out the oil yourself!

Oli-Natura is imported from Germany. For those who favour a somewhat glossy, higher-sheen finish, Oli-Natura is a good choice. It’s the faster product to use – it dries in a couple of hours and cures in a couple of days – and it’s the most economically priced. Like Rubio, it’s sprayable without having to add any thinner. I also like that the container it comes in has a screw-on spout cover rather than the more standard paint can lid. It’s only available in a 1L size, and currently there is only one Canadian distributor, located in BC, so shipping cost will need to be factored into your purchase.

oli-natura hard wax oil

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