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Is it obvious we have an affinity with all-things Australian?  Admittedly, Australia was never on my bucket list until our youngest daughter moved there in 2013.  Now, with our daughter settling Downunder as a high-school science teacher, wife and mother, our ties have strengthened.  Recently we made our second trip to visit our lovely new grand-daughter, Freja Isabella Tellerup Beeton.

While there, it was a given we visit with our timber supplier and discuss a second shipment.  Such knowledgeable folk and we learned so much about the mallee (eucalypt species) and acacia trees of the outback. We also, learned that government bureaucracy is universal. 

We have a much better understanding of the year-to-year life cycle of these trees and we feel comfortable knowing that our purchases are not contributing to any devastation of the outback.  Most of our imports are burls or blocks cut from burls.  These burls grow back annually — just as big and just as gnarly — causing little ill-effect on the growth of the tree. Remember, wood is one of the earth’s only renewable resources.

I’ll whet your appetite with photos of what is yet to be; this is possible.  We’d welcome your thoughts on our next shipment of SW Australian Woods.  Speak to us. Email me at

What has been the most enlightening is the discovery of the banksia tree!  Yes, we sell banksia pods, but initially we had no clue why we should.  We were seriously encouraged and thought what could a couple of boxes hurt?  And we weren’t disappointed.

And again, we have such a better understanding of the potential of these pods.  In fact, we were told a story of a woman who ordered one as a sample, another as a sample, one more as a sample and then ordered 1,000 lbs to be shipped to Italy……….they were turned in the high-heels of high-fashion shoes.  And yes, folks….that’s a challenge thrown out to our customers! 🙂

The hill behind our daughter’s home has a small protected park with a grove of banksia trees.  One evening we walked up to the top to collect a few.  Our son-in-law lives for grilling and smoking — or was that cricket? — and tells us the banksia pod has an interesting, in a good way, flavour for smoking meat.  Whilst on the hill we could hear this crack, pop; crack, pop and rustling in the leaves.  Then a banksia pod would drop; just missing our heads.  Looking up we saw at least a dozen Baudin’s (Black) cockatoos. Apparently, this is an iconic SW experience.

Later on, when I have another hankering to revisit all-things Australian, I’ll write about the life-cycle of the Banksia Flowers; absolutely stunning flowers and I bought a wonderful reference book with stunning illustrations.  It will be a unique celebration of Banksia menziesii – commonly known as Firewood Banksia.

In writing this essay, the penny literally dropped; sometimes heaven falls.

This newsletter is permeated with the cycle of birth and death…rebirth and rejuvenation. 

Let us celebrate and cherish the emotions these cycles bring; in the knowledge the cycles are never-ending.
The Joys; The Sadness; The Memories.

Birth and Death Cycle
by Rajaram Ramachandran

Where there's birth,
There's sure death,
No matter, old or youth,
This is a known truth.
The body only dies.
The soul ever lives
To take a new body
After the old body.
Thus the life cycle repeats
As the soul continues
To exist on this earth
Many a birth after death.


    1. We do! They are by the pound. medium $7/lbs or large $10/lbs. Let us know and we can sed photos.

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