Near and Far: Arriving in Montreal in 1960 - West Wind Hardwood

The Nielsen Family immigrated to Canada in 1960.  They were heavily guided towards settling in Montreal, Quebec.  They were told that British Columbia wasn’t a good choice for a family as it was full of lumberjacks and wild forests. Ove, Else, Jan (son) and Lene (daughter) arrived by the Polish Liner, MS Batory.  Lars (son) was born Valentine’s Day 1966 in Montreal.

They settled into creating a family life and established their home and business in Dorval (outside Montreal) Quebec.  Eventually, they moved to British Columbia in the late 60’s as the separatist movement hit the province.

Ove Tellerup Nielsen and daughter, Lene

Ove’s shop is up and running on Marshall Avenue
My guess is Lene and Lars Tellerup Nielsen

Last December when Jan and Shelley visited suppliers around and about the Montreal area, they took a trip down Jan’s memory lane.  House still there; Shop still there and Doral Glue Factory is still there; having been absorbed by Multibond Inc.

The Nielsen Family Home and the Shop that Ove Built Still Standing – Back (Marshall Ave) to Back (O’Connell Ave)– December 2017

Doral Glue Factory Still Going Strong; Marshall Avenue – December 2017


  1. It would be nice if you write about the building, It was a Farm building buildt by a gentleman in Beconsfield, P.Q, who was a ship builder in Sorel, and he build the building from the left overs, 6″ bulb angel steel, they used to build the Corvettes in W.W.2.
    I purchased the building and and it was taken apart pice by pice and moved to my lot on O’Connell ave. Dorval P.Q.
    The building sign, ” Ove Nielsen’s Wood Work and Boat Repairs “, and as it was soon to be called in French only . ” Ove Nielsen’s Fabricants de Bateaux ” Licence number BT 66-442.

  2. I too am an expat Montrealer, having lived on the West Island in Lachine until 1982.
    My wife and children were born there, but we all call Vancouver Island our home now.
    It’s a small world.

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