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banksia nuts

Woodcraft is the modern enjoyment of what was historically a necessity to create tools and other essential items to sustain life. Exotic hardwoods are especially prized among wood crafters for their enduring strength and colour contrasts. We have imported a collection of treasured Western Australian lumber and banksias nuts. Western Australian timbers are prized worldwide for their rich, beautiful colours and spectacular grain features. They have been gathered from environmentally sustainable sources including salvaged cuts from road construction clearances or obtained under license from the Western Australian Government regulated forests.

made from australian wood

From the Above Photo:

Sheoak Bowl on two rough planks of Sheoak………..look at the figure in the rough boards.

Two banksia nuts turned quite differently; one as an oil potpourri and the other as a vase.

Three boomerangs; two are ornamental only but the 3rd is made from mulga root specifically for hunting emu and kangaroo. In fact the Hunting Boomerang came with a pedigree.  Area:  Brewarrina NSW, Maker:  Cheeko Ferguson, Skin Group:  Kamilaroi.  We have mulga in stock.  Check it out!  Make your own returning boomerang.  We’ll be asking our suppliers if they offer boomerang ‘blanks’.

Boomerangs were traditionally fashioned from Mulga or Black Wattle.  A returning boomerang was made from roots of these trees which already had the right shape.  This is because the tips of a boomerang tend to break off when it hits the ground unless the grain of the wood follows the shape.

Our Selection

We have a variety of desert acacia blocks/small panels/quarter rounds; Goldfield burls/blocks/clock faces, some dimensional of Jarrah (Plain/Bird’s Eye/Black Fleck), Sheoak and Lace Sheoak…just to name a few.

Visit our warehouse to view or we’d be happy to email you a photo if you’re not located just down the block.

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  1. Great article Shelley!
    We have some wonderful hardwood timbers down under!
    Keeo safe and well
    Doug Henry
    Caloundra Aus..

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