Customer Projects: Vol.78 - West Wind Hardwood

Wall Siding Artwork by Don Bastian

Mandarin Board and Bowl by Jacques Gagnon (Jalyart)

Jalyart manufactured this end grain hard woods cutting board in North Vancouver in August 2018. It is unique and made of poplar (green), cherry (brown), katalox (dark brown), pau amarello (yellow), padouk (red brown), wenge (black), and amaranthe (purple).

The bowl was made in North Vancouver in June 2018. It is unique and made of poplar (green), cherry (brown), Alder (the foot), katalox (dark brown), pau amarello (yellow), padouk (red brown), wenge (black), walnut (brown), and amaranthe (purple). It is called Mandarin duck because of all the colors.


Naja Sculpture by Jeff Ratcliff


Versailles Planter Boxes, Government House Garden’s Society

by Barrie Baptie

I am a member of the Friend’s of Government House Garden’s Society.  In November 2017 I was approached by Valerie Murray, the Horticultural Advisor for The Friends, to make 3 “Versailles” Planter Boxes for the Herb Garden’s  Bay Laurel bushes.  These had been originally planted in 1/2 barrels that were rotting out.

I looked at numerous pictures of Boxes, and finally designed what I thought would work.  Because of the  of the breadth of the bushes, the boxes had to be installed as 2 pieces.

Val wanted to use Western Red Cedar as she had indicated they didn’t want to apply any finishing, and the cedar would age well.  I looked at a variety of local sources, but finally decided on West Wind Hardwoods because of the woods superior quality and absence of knots.

The rails are attached to the posts with 2  – 1/2” dowels at each end.  This arrangement made it relatively easy to put the boxes together when final assembly occurred.  The slats ride in grooves in the rails and are free to move, and there are spaces for air to move.  There is a sheet of poly on the inside to protect the slats from moisture.  I turned the  decorative tops for the rails from Western Red Cedar and these are attached with 1/2” dowels.

After cutting, jointing, planing, sanding, fitting and glueing dowels and assembling three sides we were ready for placement.

On February 5, 2018, with the help of the Herb Garden Supervisor and a friend of hers we got all three boxes assembled just in time for lunch.


Thanks, Barrie for the wonderful description!

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