Richmond Maritime Festival - West Wind Hardwood

To celebrate Richmond’s historical connection with the sea, the 15th Annual Richmond Maritime Festival was hosted at the National Heritage Site – Britannia Shipyards in Steveston, BC – on July 28-29.  Over two days, landlubbers and sea-goers of all ages enjoyed activities that delighted one and all. There was local lore to discover, beautiful wooden boats to watch being built, opportunities to create your own work of art.  People brought their picnic blankets and baskets to enjoy whilst listening to the on-stage music, watch roving performers or simply people watch.

The Richmond Maritime Festival celebrates all things waterfront at the Britannia Shipyard National Historic Site. From wooden boats to model boats, water safety to sea creatures, local lore to fishing history, the festival invites visitors to explore a spectacular heritage site with activities and performances for all ages.

Britannia is a rare example of the type of village which once served the thriving fishing industry with its canneries, boatyards, stores, homes and its mix of cultures. This national historic site is representative of the diverse community built on pilings and connected by boardwalks.

West Wind Hardwood has supported the Britannia Heritage Shipyard Society for years.  Jan and I felt it time to reacquaint ourselves with this worthy historical venue. The purpose of the Society is to preserve and promote West Coast maritime heritage with an emphasis on local wooden boat building traditions and the cultural mosaic and living conditions of the people who worked on the Steveston waterfront.

Gone is the golden era of vast commercial fleets of wooden fish boats plying the Strait of Georgia and Johnstone Strait.  We are thankful that glimpses of the past are celebrated at both the Maritime Festival and the Britannia Shipyard Heritage Site.

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