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Gifted many, many years ago by Newell Copeland of Sidney, BC to my father-in-law, Ove Nielsen was well over a hundred copies of Pacific Motor Boat Magazines.  Jan is slowly, methodically reading these magazines.  He’s flagged this; he’s flagged that; so much local history and that of the marine industry in the Pacific Northwest.  The photos themselves are invaluable.


Here is an article from Volume 7 – December 1914 – on The Best Woods for Pacific Boat Building by George Bulkeley.  What’s not to find intriguing on this topic?  Do you wonder if ideas have changed if the availability of wood species dried up?  Read on and enjoy.  I like the author’s thoughts that “the ordinary man has to be content to build his boat out of such woods as suit his pocket, and these are nearly always those which are indigenous to that part of the world I which he resides”; such common sense should prevail today.

Download the entire article and enjoy 🙂

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  1. Hi,
    I’m working on an exhibition proposal that will examine the long history of recreational boating in the Gulf Islands. While I’ve come across references to the magazine, I think the only copy I’ve seen was at UBC. Does it frequently feature articles about cruising in BC. If so, would it be possible to possibly read some of them for background information?


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