Customer Projects: Vol.77 - West Wind Hardwood

Multi-medium Artwork

by Bob L.

Stone and Red Cedar Sculpture

by Daniel Needham

White Oak CNC Machined Design

by Igor S.

Bowl Art

Made of purple heart, yellow heart, wenge, padouk, poplar, katalox, cherry, alder.

by Jacques Gagnon

A Herreshoff Coquina, Jane

by Garry Monaghan

Checkout is submission to Wooden Boat Magazine:

I’m proud to share photo’s of my Herreshoff Coquina, Jane. Built to Doug Hylan’s plans with fir keel,  white oak frames, WRC plank, mahogany sheer/transom and twarts all supplied by  West Wind Hardwood. Copper rivets provided by Chip Stullen, Faering Design. Tanbark sails provided by Nat Wilson. Jane is named after my grandmother who left me some money which I used to pursue my dream of building a boat. What I loved most about the project was learning the tradition of boat building, which Woodenboat is keeping alive. Onwards and upwards!

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