Huge Clearance Sale on Misc. Lumber - West Wind Hardwood

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SOLD $60 · Misc recycled lumber

Bundle E contains approx 45 BF 1/2″-1.5″ thick recycled Douglas fir. mixed grain and recycled kiln dried Douglas fir. Useful for woodworking, construction, firewood… etc.

SOLD $500 · 4/4 Rustic White oak lumber

Bundle D contains approx 240 BF. 1″ Kiln dried rustic what Oak. 3″-8″ wide


SOLD- $250 · recycled and mixed grain douglas fir

Bundle C contains approx 280 BF. mixed grain and recycled glue lam beam, kiln-dried Douglas fir.


SOLD – $180 · Mixed grain Douglas fir lumber

Bundle B contains approx 170 BF. 1.5″-2″ thick mixed grain and recycled, kiln dried, Douglas fir.

SOLD – $250 · Mixed grain and recycled Douglas fir

Bundle A contains approx 280 BF. 1″ and thinner mixed grain and recycled kiln dried Douglas fir.


SOLD – $50 · Rustic Hickory lumber

approx 30-35 BF of rustic hickory. 1″ thick, random widths, 8′ and longer. – – good for woodworking or great in a cooking fire or food smoker. Kiln dried.


SOLD – $420 · Rustic W. Oak Lumber

Kiln dried rustic w. oak around 200 BF. dimension range from 1″ to 3″ thick.

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