Point Hope Shipyard Open House - West Wind Hardwood

Lars attended the Point Hope Shipyard Open House on June 10th. Here’s his take on the big event:

Our main objective was to see the Uchuck and take in the street vendor’s, feast on food truck eats and listen to live music that had taken over Harbour Rd. but it was much more than that! Learning that Point Hope Maritime‘s shipyard was Canada’s Pacific Coast’s oldest operating shipyard and taking the tour of the Uchuck was interesting. The Uchuck was a U.S. minesweeper built in 1942 and also has a few famous sister ships including Jacques Cousteau’s famed Calypso and the John Wayne-owned Wild Goose.

We were also made aware that they are in for a big $50 million expansion to be able to bring in larger boats and this will benefit the local economy.


  1. What a surprise to see the uchuck, from 1978 to mid 1980 s I worked on nooka island and had ridden on the uchuck many of times. It brought back many memory’s she is a work hoarse suppling all the coastal logging camps and villages from just a ride to delivering pickup trucks and great meals to top it off

    Thanks for the memory’s, Dave Woodworth

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