Near and Far: New Premises in '94 - West Wind Hardwood

A blast from the past from our big move from rented premises to brand-spanking newly owned premises in ’94. It was a big stretch at the time.

And contrary to government officials who can’t seem to get their head’s around why Jan would want to work after hours in close proximity to 36 hectares of trees in a CRD park, or why he’d not charge back an exorbitant price to his own company that he’s worked his blood, sweat and tears over to nurture, some attitudes never change.

The signage was carved and painted by Jan; colours were specific to the Strata Building.  They’ve been refurbished once but still going strong.  The squares are of Garry Oak Flooring that was installed in the office about 1 ½ year later.  Of course, our office furniture consisted of Melamine Sheets on top of metal Filing Cabinets J  it matched the concrete floor.  The Garry Oak squares needed to be completely finished and ready for easy (no mess) install.

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