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  1. Can I get the pricing details for a 5’ 6” stave shipping included? And are they already dried out and ready to use?

  2. I live in fort st john bc. I Could you please tell me how much for a 6 foot log including shipping cost? Thank you

  3. Hi ,I would be interested in 6’ yew stave ,do you have any in stock and what is the cost including shipping to Surrey,BC.Thank you.

  4. Hello, could you give me a price on a 6’ yew log around 6” in diameter for bow making , shipped to S9H4P9 Sas. Canada , thanks ever so much.

  5. Hello,
    i would like more information on getting a log for bow staves, how long does it take to ship to australia.

  6. I’m keen on a yew log suitable for longbow staves 72 in plus in length. Please advise cost and lead time with freight to Perth WA.

  7. Hi, been to store trying to find yew log with lots of sap wood but have only been able to find slabs? Do you have any logs ?

  8. Hi, I’m interested in Pacific Yew staves? Do you have any available currently? Thank you for your time!

    1. Hi Leo, no staves just logs. This kind of yew is very twisty, it’s not commercially logged or graded for quality. For that reason we prefer people making bows to pick out their own piece and make the staves themselves.

    1. Yew logs are $18 /bdft. You would have to pick out your own log if using it for that purpose. The wood is very twisty and we are not bow-makers. Apologies if you are located elsewhere and cannot do this.

    1. Yes we have yew logs still. Email us with your size requirements, they are $18 /bdft and we can only ship them within Canada.

  9. Hi can you send me a price for a 2 metre length of yew for a bow making project.
    I’m living in Ireland so postage cost would be needed also.
    Thanks a mill Vincent

    1. Hi Vincent, sorry we cannot ship the yew out of Canada, too many restrictions. Also, pacific yew is quite different from English yew. Yes, it can be used for bows, but it requires major scrutiny to find a suitable piece. I don’t think you’d be happy with a piece even if we could send it. Thanks for the inquiry though!

  10. Please email me the prices on 6ft and 8ft yew logs 6 inch diameter, also making bows and located in Brockville ON Canada

  11. Hello,
    I am curious if these logs are dried and ready for using or if they require drying. I saw someone else already posted a similar question but I couldn’t find your response so I’m assuming you emailed the individual.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Yes we have some right now, $16 a bdft. Not sure where you’re located, but we cannot ship these over the border.

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