Near and Far: The Little Wood House - West Wind Hardwood

This newspaper article is about the home my grandparents built in 1920; my dad was under one year old at that time. My grandfather was a Mill Manager at the Abbotsford Lumber Company on Mill Lake. Their lovely old wood home was a Sears’ Catalogue home. A prefab before it’s time. This clipping is from the local Abbotsford, Sumas, Matsqui News. What I found so fascinating was that even 40+ years ago ‘green’ space was considered an important landscaping concept.

Sadly the old adage ‘if it’s in print, it must be true” applies here.
My grandfather’s name was John (Jack) Godson. Albert Septimum was his brother.
And there lies another story…


Hand coloured by my Grandmother; she called home “The Maples”.
Here is the same proud home long before the trees grew up.


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