Here and Now: A Look Back at Jan's Shop #2 - West Wind Hardwood

From Last Issue… but expanded!

This is where the dreams started. Jan’s first workshop – circa 1986. There a six-year accumulation of a little of this, a lot of that…..mostly hand-me-downs from both sides of the family. You’ll notice it is heated by a small wood stove donated by or possibly some remuneration paid to our friend, David Lye. Also, a very detailed-orientated woodworker. There’s a pair of Danish clogs by the wood stove; an ode to Danish “hygge”. They are generally all Jan ever wears whilst working out in the shop. He still has a pair he brought back from Denmark in 2009 and wears today.
As always after-hour projects were a mix of personal projects; the wooden tool boxes for his daughters, and business projects; the stools. There has never been a clear line between work for us and work for West Wind (which in reality is work for us too).
Our 21′ motor launch “Puddleduck” was lofted and built in this workshop. She was launched in 1986.

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