Jan's Day Off: Final Edition - West Wind Hardwood

Who says Jan’s Day Off has to entail woodworking projects?

And who says Jan’s Day Off can’t include Shelley?

We had a great business trip to Montreal just prior to Christmas.  Beyond visiting suppliers and making contact with some fabulous and well-known restaurateurs, we brought home some Quebecois specialties.  Thank goodness we crossed no international borders on this trip. There was no limit on what we could stuff into our luggage.

We are aficionados of most things edible, and we scoured the markets for Christmas treats; coming home with fresh Fois Gras.

Personally selected; Personally Delivered; Personally Cooked AND eaten as a treat to ourselves. C’est Magnifique!  We borrowed some West Wind Hardwood cherry servers et voilà!  And there’s our nod to wood right there!

This is the last of “Jan’s Day Off”

It’s not that Jan will be denied days off; no such thing.  But we are making room for a new area of interest in our newsletter.  Watch for it in the next edition.  Let us know if you like our new topic:  Coastal Nostalgia.  These will be excerpts from Boating Magazines inherited from my father, Ralph Godson (circa the 1940’s) and the naval architect and good friend, Bill Garden (circa 1915); excerpts personally selected by Jan for your interest with a tip of the hat to all things wood.

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