December Milling Jobs: Flooring, Furniture, Countertops - West Wind Hardwood
western maple floating floating shelves

western maple floating floating shelves

Floating Shelves

Sofa Bed Frame


Custom Ipe Post

Teak Decking

Maple Butcher Block

Red Cedar Bead and Cove


Another Eastern Maple Butcher Block Top

Black Walnut Tongue and Groove Flooring

Live Edge Fir Countertop

Fir Countertop

White Oak Stair Winder Treads

Walnut Shelves

Eastern Maple Treads

Red oak Stair Treads Glue up

Ash TG Flooring

Eastern Maple Shelves

Burl Glue Up

Yew Handles

Mobile Mini Bar

Eastern Maple Table

Ash Canoe Gunnels

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