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The Spiel:

The Renfrew Pub is the homey gathering place for locals and visitors at the heart of Snuggery Cove. Friendly and inviting, it’s the sort of place even first-timers swear they’ve been before. The waterfront pub and restaurant occupies an enviable spot, right next to the dock. The great room — with cathedral ceiling, gleaming 10-tap draught system, pool table and flat screen TVs — offers up micro-brews, tasty fare, and nautical charm.

The dining room’s French doors are left open to warm afternoons. The scent of toasted cedar drifts on the breeze. Sprawling wrap-around patios let you follow the sun and offer panoramic views of the bay and bluffs. There isn’t a bad seat in this house. This is the spot to shed your shoes, grab a pint or glass of white, and enjoy a natter with friends. Don’t be surprised to see an eagle cruising overhead or a curious harbour seal popping up in the inlet to say hello.

On chilly evenings when the fog rolls in, the illuminated Renfrew Pub sign beckons with the promise of conviviality in the cove. On special nights, live music spills into the night. With cedar shingles and warm-lit windows, this public house is like a woodsy cabin shared with friends.

The Truth:

Jan and I have eaten at the Pub many, many times this past year.  We’ve eaten outside on the patio; eaten snuggled up to the woodstove.  Lunch is our primary focus and I can without a double confirm that Chef Kevin is magic.  Salmon burger beyond belief; Seafood Chowder as good as it gets; Curried Thai Quinoa and Arugula arguably a vegetarian delight.


Location:  Renfrew Pub
Jan Says:  Danny takes a break with a brew and paddle.
Danny Says:  I was lured out of the woods by a brew and a burger… and good company. Thanks again!


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