October Milling Jobs - West Wind Hardwood

Eastern Maple Stair Treads

eastern maple treads eastern maple treads

TG Fineline Western Red Cedar

TG Fineline Western Red Cedar

Yellow Cedar Carving Block

yelow cedar carving block-newfoundland

Ballet Barre Dowels for Yoga Studio

yoga ballet barre dowel yoga ballet barre dowel

Wood Veneer Testing Stips

For science! University of Toronto

veneer chips for science

Western Maple Live Edge Tabletop

Western Maple table top

Ash Stair Treads

Ash stair treads

Brown Poplar Mouldings

brown poplar mouldings brown poplar mouldings

White Oak Stair Treads with Recess

white oak treads with recess White Oak treads

CVG Fir Sills

CVG fir sills

Walnut Countertop

walnut countertop

Red Oak Stair Treads

Red Oak Treads

Teak Louvered Door

Teak louvered door - edmonton

S4S Sapele Boat Deck

S4S Sapele Boat Deck

S4S Alder

S4S Alder

S4S Sapele

S4S Sapele Enderby

S4S Jatoba

S4S Jatoba

S4S Ash

S4S Ash

S4S Arbutus

S4S Arbutus

Making a Maple Waterfall Countertop

Eastern Maple waterfall countertop Eastern Maple waterfall countertop

CVG Fir Veneers

CVG Fir veneers

S4S Wenge

S4S Wenge

S4S Poplar

S4S Poplar

Eastern Maple Handrail

Eastern Maple Handrail-Saskatchewan

Profiles Bases

profiled bases

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