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I think the folk at Oyama Sausage, located on the iconic Granville Island (Vancouver, BC) have it right. Here’s what they say:

“Great food makes the world around us disappear. It also has the power to bring family and friends together around the kitchen table, start conversations and create memories.”

oyama sausage charcuterie

They delight in the tradition of creating fresh sausages and pates, cured salamis and hams for people who understand that food does not need to be complicated to be delicious. Their charcuterie are lovingly crafted from family recipes passed down through the centuries. Jan and I speak from experience. Any trip to Vancouver takes us to Granville Island Market. We have our favourite vendors where you will find us lined up waiting for service……Oyama Sausage has long been one of the best. We were very proud when their General Manager, Chris Halsey-Brandt approached us for a custom charcuterie board.

oyama sausage charcuterie

Here are their thoughts: “Just wanted to say a big thank you for making us such a beautiful charcuterie board in such a short time! We used it at the event on Saturday (the Meat and Cheese Festival in Vancouver) and it was a huge hit. Many compliments from the attendees and the owners of a butcher shop were inquiring as to where we got it from. Also, the stain** held up really well to the charcuterie – we had chorizo, salami and pate on the board. Was a little concerned the chorizo would leave a stain, but not a mark!”
**Note: Stain = Oli-Natura Project Oil; colour Natural

oyama sausage charcuterie

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