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gentleman's grilling flavoured planks

We talked about Gentlemen’s Grilling in Volume 70

Set Location:   Cooper Reach, Loughborough Inlet, British Columbia.  Loughborough Inlet runs about 35 km long, penetrating the Coast Mountains on the north side of the Discovery Island Archipelago.  Aboard the Classic Wooden Power Boat – DulwenDesigned 1957 Ed Monk Sr.

Product tested was the Cracker Jack Soaked Cedar Plank.  Results were nothing short of delicious with the halibut.  And for a rosemary abhorrer, the ever so slight hint of rosemary was delightful……….just sayin’.

Officially taste tested by Jan and Shelley Nielsen and their friend, David Richardson of Oxford, UK.

gentleman's grilling flavoured planksgentleman's grilling flavoured planksgentleman's grilling flavoured planks

Check out the ever entertaining website at www.gentlemansgrilling.com.

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