Customer Projects: Vol. 71 - West Wind Hardwood

Cedar Planked Adirondack Guide Boat

Built traditionally by Cecil Rhodes and weighs a whopping 90lbs.

Sleek Modern Kitchen

by Bryson Richardson. Counters by West Wind.

Boat built by Alf Bangert on Hornby Island

The first picture shows the boat ready to be launched. The second was taken in Daniel’s bay, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas. I had to put on a more potent anti-fouling in Mexico, hence the change in color scheme.

Maple Burl Sculpture

by Bruce Edmundson

Interior Dashboard
1980 MGB

With 3/8” boards of Walnut and using a plastic template from a parts supplier I formed each of 6 pieces.  The panels had to be sanded to create a contour.

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