Dear Deer: Go Away – Come Again Another Day - West Wind Hardwood

We have a never-ending battle with the deer.  Lucy I managed to keep them at bay.  Lucy II didn’t bat an eye and they knew it.  We have a lovely little gateway entrance to our backyard, and over the years, we’ve tried all manner of fencing and barriers for both the deer and rabbits.  Recently, I thought Jan came up with a very clever ‘wood’ solution to repel the deer that is in keeping to the design:  Mid-century meets Asian Infusion.


Specifically you can see the small Ipe slats that Jan made.  They’ve been there for sometime but the recent innovation was the guides, wood roller and stops.  A small detail but clever, or so the wife thought.

Seems to keep the deer out but not so the cougars.

Long, narrow gait, heavy imprint; no zigzagging in wild abandonment as dogs are wont to do.  Jan “Google Imaged” cougar footprints and that’s pretty much what you see here.  This means that Mr. Cougar paid a visit while I was outside (on my own) working in our yard prior to Jan’s arrival home. Hmmmmmmmm!!

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