Jan’s Day Off: Summer 1997 - West Wind Hardwood

(left: Lucy – the original.  Still very much missed even after 11 years. Right: Nick, our nephew.  Now all grown up with a little girl of his own to love and cuddle.)

No there was no transformation from dog to kid.  This is an outdoor shower that Jan built way, way………..way back in Summer 1997.  It gave us an opportunity to shower off after hottubbing.  In face we enjoy it so much, we sold the bathroom we never installed and use this rain, shine, summer and in the dead of winter when one slips slides along the icy deck.

Yellow Cedar shakes working their way up.

The shakes are of Yellow Cedar and still holding strong although the Douglas-fir joists are giving up and desperately needing repair.  And interesting, the wasps do seem to like stripping the wood for their nests; not sure if it’s the wood species or the damp condition of the wood.

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