Customer Projects Vol: 69 - West Wind Hardwood

Maple & Ebony Guitar

Matt has been submitting his projects to our newsletter for years, as much as Matt is a gifted luthier he has finished his schooling and as a recent law school grad is heading north.  Good luck Matt &  Keep in touch!!!

This guitar has a western maple body and neck with and an ebony fretboard and knobs. Western maple makes up the interval dots on the fretboard.
Oil and poly hybrid finish.

R2AK 2017 Sponsorship

Another year, another grueling race to Alaska. If you know nothing about it check out their website. This will be the 3rd annual event, a long (motorless) race from Port Townsend to the northern state.

This year we have sponsored James and Carrie Betts of Team Chum! James said of our donation:

The rudder blank has worked out fantastic, and we now have a much lighter and stronger rudder for our adventure.

Good Luck in June!

Butcher Block Top

Eastern Maple to Toronto

Made by West Wind, installed by Keary Grace

Eastern maple butcher block countertop-Toronto

Island Countertop

Maple live edge & walnut

Made by West Wind, installed by Murray Whitlock

We had a couple here last nite and he does a fair bit of woodworking. He could not resist running his hands over the wood several times. Saying how do they get the joints so tight and such a fine finish on it? Great job.

The three guys are great friends of ours. The dad is on the left and two of his three sons are on either side of me. They have a cattle ranch north of us and are grain farmers as well.

Made easy work of carrying our island top.

Walnut Sculpture

by John Briggs

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