Restaurant Spotlight: Villa Eyrie Resort - West Wind Hardwood
villa eyrie resort logo engraved serving boar

Escape to the Sky

The Villa Eyrie Resort, inspired by Lake Como, is carved into the mountainside of Vancouver Island’s Malahat Summit. Known for its elevated setting and soaring views the resort overlooks the Saanich Inlet with eagles overhead and sea underfoot. With luxury accommodations and service in the skies, they offer to elevate your escape.

Escape into the clouds with a night stay at the Villa Eyrie Resort, perched 1880 feet high above sea level or enjoy an unforgettable culinary dining experience at the Summit Restaurant with award-winning chefs.

Classic meets au courant with Italian-inspired, farm-to-table fare. Ingredients cultivated in their own backyard and partnered with local farmers and vineyards. Dine in and experience a new level of cuisine.

A top the forested heights of the Malahat ridge overlooking the picturesque Saanich Inlet is an incredible and sophisticated dining experience that elevates your palate like no other. The Summit Restaurant at the Villa Eyrie Resort captures both flavour and inspiration from its Mediterranean inspired menu and décor.

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