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bedroom antique furniture

A little something from the archives; and I do mean the story starts a long, long time ago.

We have two bedroom suites.  One we purchased from an estate sale in the neighbourhood of Oak Bay (Victoria, BC) in 1977.  A lovely black walnut set consisting of three dressers (two with mirrors) and bed unit.  Jan and I purchased these prior to our wedding; we were setting up house.  Great fun!!  It was from the 1920’s and with 50 years of living, the dressers tops needed serious re-finishing.  We set about removing the varnish; tops only.  Major ‘newbie’ mistake; hadn’t considered the tops were veneered; edges were poplar – just a bit of a colour difference.  Too late and we left the variation.  We were young, in love, having fun and didn’t care!

Fast Forward 10 Years

Two little girls; newly built home – another bedroom suite was needed.  Neighbours of my parents were downsizing and offered a mahogany bedroom set they’d brought up from California years ago.  Lots of pieces; great looking wood; something from the 50’s but we didn’t mind.

bedroom antique furniture

bedroom antique furniture bedroom antique furniture

Now, Fast Forward Another 20 Years…

Girls have moved out of the house and we can finally turn their bedrooms into adult guest rooms.  The revolving door has stopped……honestly.

Finally we got to solve our two-tone black walnut mistake of 30+ years ago, and remove those Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bear stickers Anna plastered all over the mahogany side tables.

bedroom antique furniture

Jan completely removed the varnish; what a job but you can see that ambiance is everything.  Of course, you didn’t notice the glass of red wine in the al fresco setting.

bedroom antique furniture bedroom antique furniture

Varnish was Stripped and Gone Forever

To get a hands-on working feel for the Oli-Natura HS Coloured Professional Oils we stock, Jan decided to use both the Walnut and Mahogany coloured oils…….perfection was attained. They are well-named and matching the ‘real’ wood colours well.

Job well done for the next 30-years.

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