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Antique Road Show eat your heart out. We’ve got the oral memories; we’ve got the photograph; we’ve got the letter.

Memories as written by Ove Tellerup Nielsen:

This for sure takes me back a few years; to me it’s like it was yesterday; fresh out of the Royal Danish Navy.  A good time there for sure as it meant work, make some money and on top of it, going to Norse (Norway) and working for my Dad’s old company of windmill builders; when windmills were still used to grind rye and wheat into flour; most likely the grains came from Canada. They don’t build them with wings any more, now electric motors.

We were to dismantle the old machinery; belts and idler wheels driven by the Fosse (river).  So we installed the modern equipment.  Lots of pine from South America was used for the new machinery.  And that’s where we came in making all the wooden parts.  Great work; I liked that. By the way, Canada is similar to Norway except we don’t eat lutefisk; still both are great countries.

We arrived in Oslo onboard a ferry from Copenhagen.  We were four lads from my home town of Gørlev; all apprenticed in the trade of cabinetmakers.   Sadly I lost contact with them all.  Some stayed in Norway, one went Sweden and I came to Canada.

The Christensen Family – Windmill Builders – were from my old home town Gørlev in Denmark.  The letter is from their son, Flack inviting us to Norway for work.

Mr. O. Nielsen.

You are invited to go to Oslo, Sunday, July 17,’55 for the installation of new equipment; job starts Monday morning at 0700. Send your Tool box via freight.  Room and board you will find at the Student “apartments” at Song, the district on the outskirts of Oslo.  Please answer me right away.


Flack Christensen.

This picture (also shown in our last newsletter #67) is of the original Windmill Builders of Gørlev:  Ove’s Dad (Grandfather to Jan and Lars), Flack’s father and the youngest, Flack Christensen.

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