Santa's Workshop - 1998 Flashback - West Wind Hardwood


Jan’s Shop – Snug as a Bug Winter 1998 – All Photos by Jan T Nielsen

Jan has been censored for having to much fun loving what we do; for wanting to share our passion; for mentoring others who share our desire to work with wood.  So here’s a little blast from a Past Day Off back in the winter of 1998.  By the way, for those who read this and censor, the tools are an accumulation of 3 generations of woodworkers; including the wife’s side of the family. That’s almost 400 years worth!


The Office Floor at West Wind – Garry Oak Flooring Squares, Winter 1998

image007 image009

Left Photo:  Honduras mahogany when it was still easily available; working it for a forgotten, but not unappreciated, customer.

Right and above Photo:  Re-working and Re-finishing a Butcher-block Countertop for the Deep Cove Chalet; a little culinary work.
Winter 1998

image011 image013

The bathroom doors at West Wind in Figured Western Maple and Yew, Winter 1998


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