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Thanks for all the wonderful photos we received for the contest last month!

Of particular interest from one of our photo submitters in Whitehorse, Yukon is his bit of family history:

Sure would like those seeds as I am a bit of a gardener.  For your information, I have a great great  Uncle Drummond, a naturalist, who was returning from Yellow Head Pass [BC/ Alberta], in 1827 and met up with David Douglas [the botanical collector who was bring back the seeds of the Douglas fir tree] on their return trip UK. The two of them just about drowned in a small boat swept out 70 miles into Hudson Bay.

My uncle left the main group and entered the Jasper area via the Hudson Bay Co. fur brigade’s trade canoes, collecting his specimens on route of bird, insect and four legged animals as a naturalist would. He preserved them in duplicate for his return trip to England just in case he had a mishap on route. And he had plenty of both, specimens and mishaps while spending two and half years of adventure in Canada.

Incidentally, my uncle, a civilian, was invited on the 2nd land exploration to the Polar Sea [Arctic] led by British naval officer [Sir] John Franklin. He is in the news lately as they found his two ships in the Arctic from his 1845 expedition.    My uncle was on a successful and well planned trip, whereas Franklin’s 1st exploration expedition [fortunately for my uncle] half the members died of starvation and the survivors only managed with the help of local natives.

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