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In a previous post we mentioned the following:

We are looking into acquiring a large load of Parota (Guanacaste) live edge slabs, rounds etc. This wood grows in Central America and Mexico. It’s white sapwood that surrounds its deep reddish-brown heartwood makes for a striking appearance!


Well… The Parota is close to leaving its native land and start making its way to us. We expect these slabs to go quickly!

parota coffee table parota


Email us today! Or call 800-667-2275.


  1. Great website! I like the Parota Slabs….got any?

    We are in Florida, interested in finding between 96”-100” countertop. We are going to use it as a desk area. 24-30” depth or so. We have some room to spare on the deep side.

    The right side as you sit at the desk is a right angle corner. The left side is open to a living room so more decorative part. Obviously the back side is flat against the wall. We may need one small chase in the corner for wires to the printer, computer etc. My guess is a good lacquer to protect it for years to come.

    Hopefully we can find a support system, other than typical straight iron pieces. I kind of like the decorative twist logs, but whatever, we just need to focus on the main piece first. Please send pics of your available stock! 🙂

    Please advise the cost to product and ship to 32750 zip code.

    Best regards

    Don & Heather Campbell

    1. It depends on the slab, please send a formal quote request through our contact page and supply your details.

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