Vol.65 Customer Projects: Furniture and Sculptures - West Wind Hardwood

Padouk Loon by Donald Graham

Toredo Furniture by Bill Howard

Bill made this furniture set out of Toredo wood, as an alternative you can also use our Pecky Cypress. Here’s what he told us about the project:

I have finished the 4 pieces of Toredo Furniture, so I thought I would send you a note and a few pics.

The primary wood for these 4 pieces is your Toredo lumber ( Thank you Westwind ); the secondary wood is yellow poplar ( Thank you Westwind ).

The first pic shows the Kitchen table.  This is traditional trestle design, but a bit smaller to fit a loft.  The table top has breadboard ends with traditional mortise and tenon joinery, and cherry dowel pins.  The feet, cleats and beam are also mortise and tenon, with the thru tenons on the beam wedged with cherry wedges from the outside face.

Toredo-13 001

The second pic shows the bench.  I made the seat and sides 1.5″ thick and joined the sides to the top with big thru tenons, wedged with cherry.  The style is Shaker.  I used boards with lots of teredo character and it is very nice.

Toredo-14 001

The third pic shows the coffee table.  Again, traditional trestle style.  I lowered the beam to support the lower shelf and give the shelf the appearance of ‘floating’.  This meant additional support for the top, so there is a stretcher with dovetail joinery under the top.  The top has the breadboard ends.

toredo 15 007

The fourth pic shows the Hall table.  The style is again trestle with the lower shelf supported by a beam.  The drawer case is all mortise and tenon, with frame and panel back and sides.  The pulls are made from the edge of a ‘punky’ board.

Toredo 22 002

The final pic shows the drawers.  They are traditional dovetail joinery (by hand), with the beveled solid wood drawer bottom that slides into a groove.  Look at the beautiful yellow poplar (no finish at all). You can also see a bit of the internal web frame (yellow poplar) to support the drawers, and the chamifer on the edge of the top: this is done with hand planes.

Toredo 22 004

The finish on all the pieces is shellac, then wipe on poly, then wax.

Sculptures by John Briggs



Yellow Narra



“I Hear the Mermaids Singing Each to Each”

Yellow Cedar


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