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If you had 10 minutes to escape a wildfire what would you take? A lot of us have probably asked ourselves this given the recent wildfire devastation of the city of Fort McMurray. We received the following message from a customer which turned out to be quite the testimonial, although we wish it wasn’t because of a natural disaster.

I just wanted to send you a quick message to tell you how pleased I am with my Charcuterie board. It is hands down my most prized possession;)

A week after my boyfriend gave me it for my birthday, I was evacuated from my home in Fort McMurray due to the Wild fire that had hit out city. I cannot begin to describe what goes through your head when you have 5 minutes to pack up whatever you can from your house …. I think I stood there for five minutes just blank…I packed up my two boyfriends golf clubs (his most prized possession) his sports jerseys and half his wardrobe.

After we got out of the city and to a safe place we were going through what we had to live out of for the next few weeks…..that was when we realized the ONLY thing I had packed for myself was my Charcuterie board wrapped up in two towels so that it would not get damaged in the vehicle. I honestly felt at the time that as long as I had my dogs and my cheese board, anything else could be replaced.

I eventually had to go to Edmonton to buy some clothes as I had nothing but I didn’t care one charcuterie board was safe.

We have it on display at the place we are staying and it always gives everyone a good laugh when we are feeling a little homesick.

Thank you again for the great board! like I said, its my most prized possession 😉


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