Jan’s Day Off: The Best Laid Plans of Mice, Men and Jan - West Wind Hardwood

What does one do when a year’s worth of planning takes a huge slide to the nether regions of “don’t know when now”? Our plans to cross Canada in the tear-drop trailer for Perth, Ontario’s 200th Anniversary have sadly been postponed for 2016. Perhaps, we’ll manage a celebratory trip for Perth’s 201st.

The trailer bits and pieces – still in view as a gentle reminder – are lovely stored to make room for the next-in-line project. This is a project that should have taken place when the house was originally built in 1988. It’s a project that we’ve talked about forever knowing it would make it to the ‘to-do’ list when the time was right. Our upstairs bathroom now has a view with two new windows that open. WOW!! The light; the air circulation… and I’m still shaking my head with wonder as to why didn’t we do this sooner.

New Window Repair

image005 image007

No shrinking violet, our tear drop trailer – tentatively named the “West Wind Flyer” patiently observes Jan in the shop.

image009 image011

Based on our 28 years of living with these window types, the exterior inner window trim seems to take the most beating from rain and UV rays.  Jan thought he’d trim out in teak – no varnish/no maintenance. Letting the teak do what it does best in the elements; develop the silver patina of age.

Of course one thing led to another and as the scaffolding was already in place. Jan vacuumed our roof in hope that a little gentle ministration will gain us another one or two years of life.  We know we are counting the days as it has been 28 years.

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