Large Parota Slabs - Any Interest? - West Wind Hardwood

We are looking into acquiring a large load of Parota (Guanacaste) live edge slabs, rounds etc. This wood grows in Central America and Mexico. It’s white sapwood that surrounds its deep reddish-brown heartwood makes for a striking appearance!

Reserve Your Own Parota Slab

Would like some feedback from our customers on whether this amount is worthy to bring in. If you think you’d be interested in purchasing one of these slabs from us we want to hear from you!

If we get enough positive response we may see this acquisition a reality!

Email us today! Or call 800-667-2275.


    1. Yes Samantha! It’s been a long process that’s still going on but we have some on their way, eventually we’ll see some in the store!

  1. I am looking for an attractive roundish slab 3-4 feet in diameter for an office table. Have focused on Parota or Monkeypod.

    1. Hi Matthew last week we sold the last of our parota, we don’t have any large rounds at the moment and o monkeypod. Sorry!

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