Then & Now: Trend Watch - Nouveau Château - West Wind Hardwood

The revolving cycles of what is old is new. What is passé becomes haute.

A recent Canadian House and Home – Trend Watch – has highlighted the “Nouveau Château”. Apparently the French-inspired aesthetic is ‘BACK’.  “Richly patterned parquet wood floors (with names like Versailles) take inspiration from palaces of yore.”

Europe never lost is flavour of all things olde.  Here are some floors Jan and I observed over the past 15 years we’ve been traveling to Europe. They’ve developed the patina of age; well-loved/well-used.

2011 - Notre Dame (Paris) 469 2001 - Versailles (Paris) (108.5) 2001 - Versailles (Paris)(115) 2007 Arraiolos, Portugal 7 2009 Dresden, Germany 2001 - Petite Trianon at Versailles (Paris)(134)

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