Customer Projects Vol. 63 - West Wind Hardwood
Studio 126

Ryan, Anna and Family of Studio 126 at 126 East Pender Street, Vancouver.

Nice people; Great furniture.

Check out their website at:

Traditional Native Masks

Hand carved by Paul Kerry

Carvings by Don

Don carves primarily as a hobby and for the odd customer, mostly friends of friends, and of course the immediate family keeps him busy……seven Great Grandchildren will do that!

He started carving 25 years ago when upon retirement and now on his 21st waterfowl carving. Always interested in wood for crafts, built our home, a few boats over the years, plus a wooden 6.8m sail trimaran which he’s been sailing for the last thirty-three years.

Don says “carving hardwood waterfowl requires on average, around sixty hours to complete. And many hours of sanding to bring out those fabulous and beautiful grains. Finishing is real easy; three coats rub on Polyurethane which makes  for quick refurbishing. Just today I laminated the two halves of the head of the padouk wood loon [ 3″ diam. neck ] and  the  grain direction at the joint came in at 45 degree to each other at the top and back of the curved head.”

image001 image002 image003


by Norm Boule


Designed by Norm Boulet for the 2016 Wood (BC) Design Awards.

The base is stained Alder and the uprights are different indigenous species from our province.

Norm can be reached at

Red Cedar Chests

By Our Own Jorden Cooper


2 Western Red Cedar chests.

Made by our employee Jorden Cooper for his Aunt.

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