Your Next Unique Project? Potential Product Available to West Wind - West Wind Hardwood

The pictures show some products potentially available to West Wind, usually something we would not likely stock……. but would bring in if there’s enough interest.

Prices on request along with time frame to bring in.

Ekki Log Slices

4ft high by 4ft in diameter. Butcher blocks for restaurants, or tables, you would not need bases!

Ekki log slices

Western Red Cedar Slabs

Thickness range from 1-3″, widths from 18″-40″, lengths up to 20′, some are tight knot, some are cl​ear, all are beautiful.

Western red cedar slabs

Lignum Vitea – Octagonal Logs.

lignum vitae octagonal logs lignum vitae octagonal logs


  1. Hello,
    my name is Sergey. I want to order lignum vitae wood of the genus Guaiacum. Do you produce this wood? We need wood in octagons, the inner diameter at the end is 250-300 mm. The length is not less than 1200 mm. Used for deadwood oil seals. Our company is ready to buy every year, on an ongoing basis.
    I am waiting for your feedback, thank you.
    have a nice day.

    1. Hi Sergey. Unfortunately, we cannot help you. Lignum Vitae is on the CITES list and considered endangered. The little amount of stock that we get our hands on seldomly has already been in Canada and we cannot export it.

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