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In the 60’s, William (Bill) Garden, renown Pacific northwest naval architect watched out his office window (in Seattle) as a Canadian dredge loaded with four lapstrake boats was towed enroute to the ship-wreckers across the canal. Buying the entire load, one of them was renamed Mary Anne. This was unfailing good luck as the family required a tender for our summer camp on the West coast of Vancouver Island.

Bill believed she was built by Turner in Vancouver in the 40’s. She is 17’ by 15’4”; originally of low freeboard, powered with a lovely old two-cylinder 8-12 Vivian and used on the dredge for line handling, or possibly as a crew boat. The old Vivian turned out to be a jewel; ignition was — and still is — a Bosch magneto. No batteries to worry about.


For some time she was kept in Bamfield, Vancouver Island for use in Barkley Sound.  She spent her last 30+ years as Bill’s standby launch in Canoe Cove.    Prior to Bill’s passing, he entrusted her to Jan with the understanding that he would continue providing sound guardianship.  And indeed he has done just that.


The Jewel in the Crown of Mary Anne – Rebuilt for the first time in 70’s Years


Traversing Page Pass to Her New Home at Canoe Cove Marina 2009 – Photo by Jan Nielsen


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