Help the Pacific Explorers Get to Scotland for the International Jamborette - West Wind Hardwood

We were approached by our customer Jim York from Murphy Wall Beds to contribute to this worthy cause. He and his son our members of the 3rd Douglas group of Scouts in which West Wind has been a supporter for many years supplying marine plywood and lumber for their yearly boat building projects.

This special trip will take the 12 young Scouts from various local troops to Blair Atholl, in the Scottish Highlands, for the 35th Scottish International Patrol Jamborette. Many amazing and fun activities are planned and its sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Silent Auction Event

West Wind has donated a Gift Certificate to the silent auction that will be held in May 2016 in order to raise funds for their adventure in Scotland, Paris and London.

If you would like to attend this event please contact Jim at

Other Ways to Support

Visit the Pacific Explorers website for more information!


Victoria Scouts Trip to Blair Atholl International Jamborette

Source: Pacific Explorers 2016 | Victoria Scouts Trip to Blair Atholl International Jamborette

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