Vol.61: Customer Projects - West Wind Hardwood

Sam Devlin designed Dipper 19

Eric in Salmon Arm: Attached are a few pictures of the finished boat. Thanks for supplying us with quality materials for the project, and for your efforts shipping them to us in a timely fashion. We will be in touch come time for the next boat!

Eric’s boat was highlighted in Newsletter 60 – not looking quite so finished.

Blue Pine Table – Gr.9 Woodwork Student

My great-niece Vienna lives in Fort Fraser, BC; attending Fraser Lake Elementary Secondary School. She is just finishing Grade 9 Wood Shop. They could chose between a bowl on the lathe or a table. Vienna wanted to do the bowl but there were no available lathes and so by default has created a beautiful ‘blue beetle’ pine table.

I asked her if she enjoyed the class enough to take shop again next year and here’s what she said: “Definitely. I walked into the shop terrified but I slowly began to warm up around the machines with the help of a close friend. By the end of wood shop term I was confident and helping others.”

Apparently woodworking not only runs on the Nielsen side of the family but also on the Godson side too (that’s my gene pool). Woohoo!!


  1. Congratulations Eric on your accomplishment, nothing as satisfactory as when you launch a boat built with your own hands.
    Coming from Denmark and a long line of craftsman I built my first boat at age 13, an 8″ sailing dinghy which was all fine till the white carpenters glue started to let go and not knowing any better. The fasteners however did their job.
    Having built 8 boats and restored 3 up to 32 ft it was a time in my life I was most happy when the shavings were flying and the progress could be seen till completion.
    Eric I hope you enjoy the time spent building your boat and already planning the next one.
    John Jacobsen

    1. I’ve contacted Eric, he will either be in touch or I will email you his info! You also have a great looking boat! Thanks for reading.

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