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There’s gift for every wood lover this holiday! We’ve come up with a simple guide to help you narrow it down and find them the perfect gift.

The Chef

You love attending their dinner parties and they always impress with their table setting and decor. They share your love for cuisine and take pride in showing off their hard work they do in the kitchen.

burger serving paddles

A West Wind Charcuterie, butcher block or serving board is the perfect gift for them. We can customize it to any sizes and have a variety of woods to choose from. Why not make it personal? Engraving a sentimental message, initials or drawing makes for an incredibly special gift.


The Artist

Being on the West Coast chances are you know a carver and better yet, they probably know about us! We have been supplying wood carvers and artists with wood for their creations for many years.



These “free-spirits” know what to look for, but that may not necessarily help you find them a gift… Our carving page should give you a starting point but just come in and ask us, we’ll help you pick out the right piece.

The Captain

You always know where to find these friends… either on their boat or working on their boat. Those of us “land-lubbing” non-boaters love to have them as friends (the boat rides are fun…) but we always here how much time, work and money is spent maintaining a boat, especially a classic wooden boat.

dul2Return the favour, show your appreciation for all those weekends you tagged-along on the water with a gift certificate they can use on any of our boat lumber or marine plywood.

The Tinkerer

You know this guy, give ’em a piece of wood and that can make anything from it. Furniture, guitars, pens, knives, jewelry, utensils you name it!


Guitar by Matt Dolmage

This makes gift giving a little easier for you. We carry not only your typical domestic hardwoods like maple, cedar, walnut, ash and so on; but also beautifully figured and interesting exotics. Just take a look at our exotic collection.

gift-certificatesAnd If you Can’t Decide

A gift certificate is a safe bet, they can use it on any of our products or services. Order one (select amounts $25-$250) through our website here.


Please contact us if you require a custom amount.

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