Customer Projects: Vol. 60 - West Wind Hardwood

Salad Utensils by West Wind’s Gordon Aggus


Carved Guitar by Don Bastian

20150830_161407 20150830_161400

The maple guitar (cut from a branch crotch) is a stylized shape of an iconic Les Paul design, and the basswood carved ‘Maple Leaf’ is also a Les Paul take off.

Wooden Bats by Mark Baxter

ashbat001_em ashbat002_em

My son plays for the Victoria Mariners in the BC Premier Baseball League – a wood bat league. I have continued to enjoy woodworking all these years but had not used a lathe since junior high school. I got inspired when another baseball friend turned a nice looking bat. So I purchased a used lathe and picked up some ash at West Wind Hardwood. I used a caliper to replicate the shape of one of the many broken bats lying around the garage. I was quite pleased how the bat turned out, and after the finish cured for a handful of days, we took it out for some swings. My son was pleased with how the bat performed, and even used it at the first fall ball practice.


Plywood Boat by Eric Letham

eric boat

Eric gave us an update on his boat, he hoped to have it in the water by mid-August. So, Eric let us know if you did!


Furniture by Mike Randall, Kurva Design (

HR Table Detail 1

Here are some photos of the last 2 projects I have done using your wood. The first is my Bow Lamp made from Eastern Maple and the base is veneered with the wood backed White Oak veneer that has been ebonized with steel wool and vinegar. The second is my HR Table that was made from your ash that I bleached. Its 6′ extending to 10′.

Some Cool Boats


  • Blackie
  • Herreshoff Coquina sailboat
  • 45 ft Grenfell


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