VOL. 59 - Customer Projects - West Wind Hardwood

The Scouts have finally finished the boats we started nearly two years ago and wanted to get these photos of the boys taking them out on Beaver Lake earlier this month.  It was a perfect evening to go out and the boys really enjoyed themselves.  The sense of pride in their faces knowing that they build something that actually floated was great to see.

I would like to thank you again on behalf of the 3rd Douglas Scout Group for your generous donation of material to make this project happen.


Mike Dwyer

Poplar Desk By Our Own Tyler Strank!

His year-end school project made with West Wind poplar of course.

Boat by Kelsey Johnson

Kelsey built this boat having never sailed a day in his life. Took a year and a half and a lot of hours of hard work. Finally got to sail on Shawnigan Lake and looks awesome!

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TOh Baby Wood Toys

This Toronto company bought some of our wood to make some pretty cute wood toys for babies and toddlers. Check out their website tohbaby.com!


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