Jan's Day Off: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - West Wind Hardwood

What happens when you’ve lived in a wood house for over 25 years AND you’re next to a CRD park full of trees? More specifically the question is what doesn’t happen?!

My lovely little “Sori-bashi” – bridge with an arched appearance – was literally falling about after 20 years.  Made of yellow cedar, it was riddled with bugs; even two of the treated rail-road ties had been eaten to bits.


Jan re-visioned my bridge and walk-way in Western Red Cedar; lovely timbers from Port McNeill that we’d been air-drying for two years.  He replaced the two support ties with red cedar.  Leveling was necessary due to settling – no concrete; just dirt and gravel.  Re-platformed and fastened with 300 x 4” hot-dipped galvanized square spikes from the early 50’s.  He was 11 spikes sort. L  There’s no make work plans to finish with oil; we’ll enjoy the natural aging patina that cedar offers.

You will notice that I’ve lost the subtle arch but gained a bench; interesting perspective on the veggie garden now.  Loving it!  AND, I do have to admit the bridge wasn’t safe in the winter when slippery due to our We(s)t Coast climate.


Already, there is a strategy in the works for its replacement in 22 years when Jan is 80 years old!

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