Project Five: Customer Fundraiser - West Wind Hardwood

Jeremy Smith has been a customer of ours for a long while and has made several projects with our wood for his woodworking blog Photocopier Reincarnations. Here’s a just a sample of some of his work, always adding some form of recycled wood or parts.


His Mission With Project Five

Woodworking isn’t his only passion, however, he has a degree in horticulture and would like to expand his degree to include Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR), a 2-year world-class Masters in Science program run by the European Commission.

With this under his belt he will be able to help farmers with their crops in ecologically damaged areas such as the Sahel in Central Africa, where malnutrition is a serious issue. More details are in the following video and on his funding page here.

bamboo-jsmithFund raising for his training can also be made by purchasing a bamboo cutting board.

“Help us help the farmers. Help us feed their families. Help us save their forests so their children can enjoy them too.”
Gratefully yours,

Annie and Jeremy Smith



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