Customer Projects: Vol.57 - West Wind Hardwood

Apron Nesting Tables 

By Paul Miller


The walnut solids are ebonized with ferrous ion solution and the tops are identical four way matches of Walnut burl.

There’s a Lumberjocks project post here.

And a build blog here.

Plywood Sailboat

By Mike Evans


Here’s a few notes and pictures on my boat building project. It is an 18 foot sailboat design, called an I 550 sport boat. The boat is built with 6mm Hydrotek plywood which I have been supplied by the great folks at Westwind Hardwood.

I purchased plans and full size patterns from Watershed Sailboats, a company based in Colorado, a couple years back. The next step was finding a spot out of the weather to build the boat. In the end this required the building of a garage / boat shed in our backyard. With that accomplished, I began the boat.

I built a strong back with the keel offsets to hold the bottom shape while the hull panels are joined. The hull panels are joined with glass and epoxy and cut to shape. The full length panels are then assembled with zip ties and then glued with thickened epoxy.

At this point you add ribs/ formers and the stem. Now many yards  epoxy fillet and fiberglass tape are applied. The keelbox and stern are laminated with two pieces of plywood for strength and then the stringers, gunwales and rest of supports are installed.

After 12 months since the keel was laid, I have a hull that is sealed with epoxy and ready for flooring and decks, but at this point many details are left to be taken care of . I have attached a set of pictures of the boat so far and hope this is interesting to anyone who enjoys wood work and boats. Thanks for the help so far!



Motor Yacht Glennifer

by Tom Burnett

Tom used a lot of teak from us on his boat Glennifer. For more on the history of this beauty of a boat visit


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